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Country Real Estate - Hartland, Vermont Country Real Estate Company Profile

Country Real Estate is an independent real estate agency located in Hartland, Vermont. We have offered a full spectrum of real estate services to the Upper Valley and surrounding communities since our inception in the late 1960’s.

Country Real Estate

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  • Listing Agent

    Home Owner Seller Agent

    We will set up your property in the MLS system and market it to potential buyers and other real estate agents.

  • Buyer Agent

    Buyer Agent

    We will provide advice, schedule appointments and give you our insights on neighborhoods and properties. Moreover, we will negotiate on your behalf and write up contracts for you.

  • Area Tour Guide

    Area Tour Guide

    We know the area well and will be happy to be your guide.

  • Problem Solver

    Problem Solver

    We try to anticipate all issues and address them before they have impact on the transaction.


Welcome to Country Real Estate of Hartland Vermont. We have been serving buyers and sellers in the Twin State area since 1969. We feel this is one of the most beautiful and scenic rural locations in Vermont and New Hampshire. The natural beauty of the surrounding hills, mountains, lakes and
open farm land is unsurpassed.

Through our personal experiences, we have found that this region offers a pleasant atmosphere in which to raise a family, retire or spend your vacation time. The Upper Valley and surrounding communities continue to be leaders in offering diverse and stable employment opportunities.

At Country Real Estate, we look forward to answering your questions and offer our many years of experience to assist you with your buying and
selling real estate needs.

Enjoy home shopping
in the Hartland, Vermont area!